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Thread: Few Bugs I've noticed

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    Few Bugs I've noticed

    Major bug that needs to be fixed is kilowatt not being able to use his recharge ability. There has been multiple cases and times where i attempt to use this ability and instead of being stuck in the cast time animation, i am free to move. Also, since i an able to move, i end up wasting energy and time for this ability and end up recieving no healing or energy. Please fix this bug.

    Another bug i have noticed is with platimus. When adding bowling into my strength skills, its suppose to add x percent skill damage and skill healing. I have noticed that with this skill applied(i have all level 2 bowling skills on) i am still recieving the same 85 heals from his nesting burrow.

    So far these are the only two bugs ive seen. Id like to get a detailed explanation on what hex is in the allstar skill tree as well as what exactly does rooks shadow mist do. Because it says that her most heals enemies who attack them. Im not sure if that is what was intended or not. Another thing i have a huge concern with is how characters like platimus and xavilla have a crit chance but 0% crit damage bonus. Especially xavilla who has one if the highest crit chances in the game and has a 0% crit damage bonus. It just seems so pointless. Crits rarely take in effect and i almost never see a need to bother using them unless its for brutus but even than its useless because i can get more damage out of basic damage or skill damage. So crits could use some help. Also i have a huge problem with the beginnig of games where im goven the choice to use chips to buy xp and coin bonuses and accidentally use my chips. I hate that once used i cannot take them back. I usually press x before the start of the game and accodentally waste my chips. Ive wasted 40 so far over this mistake and ive been unable to get those chips back.

    Anyways i really hope these issues get fixed. I wish there were a system where players ger rewarded for playing good or bad rather than just winning or losing but if that was the intention i understand. Its just at higher levels gold is so difficult to get because you only recieve 1000 and at most 2200 with boosts. I look forward to more characters like the ones being shown in the game trailer to come to the game soon, i cant wait for more. As well as more game modes. Keep up the good work. Id like to see those constant improvements coming!

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    im not 100% on this (will double check in one sec) but killowatts recharge doesnt effect him (nor is it meant to effect him), only his allies.

    bowling not worming is also a known issue.

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