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    Question Matchmaking

    Hi I am a new player played a few hours and manger to reach level 12. The problem I am having is I consistently run into teams of all level 40 players. When facing these players I can't seem to deal enough damage to contribute. So far this morning I'm 0 for 9 in quick play without scoring a single kill. I love the idea of a 4 v 4 arena game on console. But the new player penalty seems harsh being thrown to min maxing wolfs out of the gate. Is there a way to help even the odds until I unlock some badges that allow me to compete? Or a way to face players of similar skill and level. It's hard to devlop the skills needed for end game when I'm getting one shot over and over.

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    Level 40 player here.

    (1) Ask to group with them.

    (2) Also match making sucks we hate owning you guys.

    (3) there's level 40s that suck and back out on me too.

    (4) seriously most guys are nice at 40 and want others to join their ranks

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    Agreed with hangtime there as another level 40. Most people I've seen on the forums and such are more than willing to offer advice and help from my experience at least.

    You can add me Cord_Zilla.

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    Have you joined any of the tgt communities? Its a fairly easy way to join groups with some of the more progressed players.

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    Ill play with you! Just add me on PSN and we can get down.

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    Add me too! I have a community you can join! (:

    PSN - TheHashAssassin
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    Add alexzimys he'll play with you

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