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Thread: Question for devs - Ace's jumps

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    Question Question for devs - Ace's jumps

    I was playing with ace in the practice arena earlier and noticed that I still take damage while in mid air. I jump to attempt to avoid taking damage, but I still take the hit. Every bot could hit me in mid air. It makes sense to balance his ability. Just curious as to whether or not this is an intentional feature.

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    pretty sure its intentional as all champs suffer from this. the hitbox doesnt move off the ground. jumping is only used as a gap clear and a ledge climb. people that jump while running away still get hit. dont let them fool you.

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    It's intentional. Reducing the damage while jumping may be a possibility, but even that would likely imbalance Ace, as you could just constantly jump to avoid/lessen damage. The only way to avoid it would be to put a cool down on his jetpack jump, which in my opinion wouldn't be as much fun. I'd rather jump ravines at will and take the damage.

    Curiously, his current jump height is much higher than we originally intended, but if we don't get complaints, it will likely stay that way.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    his jump height is pretty awesome as is. lets him jump almost every gap in the current maps.

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    They can't hit you if you jump on top not them

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