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Thread: What is hex?!?!?!?!?

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    hex may effect the length of time on DoT, i meant to test this and i never did. i have full elbow pads currently so it shouldnt be hard to check.

    im pretty sure it doesnt effect time of debuff. i think me, emomiime, and bravesire tested this at some point and found the answer was no. i could be wrong here.

    hex (at least it seems) does effect CC skills (stun, silence, rooted).

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    I don't think it would effect DoT time as this would increase dmg. And that might also mean it doesn't do resistance debuff. But it's definitely effects the timer of other CC.
    Really need more info from the dev team. I know a wiki is being made. But this isn't this company's first indie game or something. Could at least have dictionary say what Hex is and the other stuff like buffs and attack dmg.

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    Just confirmed: Hex does in fact decrease/increase time your debuffs effect enemies. also determines how long someone is effected by your DoT.

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