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Thread: Game Crashing 24/7?

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    Game Crashing 24/7?

    Since the recent update this morning, I have been kick/app-crashed from almost every match and lose the XP Boost that i applied in that match..This never happened before this patch was release, and im kinda scare of using XP/COIN Boost since i don't know when it might crash..It happened to a couple of my friends so i know is not just me.

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    game is definately crashing very frquently currently. thought it had something to do with quick match, but it seems not as we had crash issues even when playing through league matching

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    I don't do quick match and i was crashing nonstop ..I was facing 4 players in a match and suddenly i see no players, but instead 4 bots when they were winning..Everyone crashing nonstop since this patch arrive hopefully they fix this soon..

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    Literally just got kicked out of the last four matches right before they started because the game crashed each time... A bit frustrating.

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    I have only been having trouble while using quick match. I have not been kicked from any of my last 12 games from league macthes

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    Well, I played for about a hour straight without issue. For some reason, once I joined a group with one of my friends, I could not get in to any match.

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    Hey guys. Thanks for the reports. We're looking into the problem. Sorry for the issues.

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    I have only experienced one crash so far today. My friend, who happened to be hosting the group, kept crashing after every game.

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    I was kicked out of 4 in a row before I called it a night

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    As of today, 3/4 crashed.
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