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Thread: Update didn't fix anything!

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    Stop putting words in my mouth. Never said i was a bigger man. I stand with my what i said earlier, if the devs ask for a video then there will be a video. We dont need you buzzing around every thread requesting a video.

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    not every thread, just the ones saying there are glitches that no one else is documenting. it helps to have documentation of these things.

    why do they have to ask? your playing their BETA, the least you could do is be a proactive member and help.

    i dont think anything ive said is unreasonable for anyone who is actively trying to make this game and its community a better place to do. if you dont want to post a video, fine, but dont say things are broken and blame others for it without trying to help. John Tran (im not trying to drag anyone into this) hasnt had a problem posting other glitches, i dont think hed have a problem now. Just seemed weird.

    it just seems so lazy and inactive to post on the forums, in an active forum community, find a problem, and NOT document it for others to be aware. especially as the ps4 has that ability, LITERALLY at your fingertips.

    once again, youre being defensive and accusatory, and it doesnt make you look good. you dont want to post a video? fine. i cant make you, and frankly, im done trying. i just hope nobody posts a video of YOU (or any active member of this forum) being the one enacting such a glitch.
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    Something as simple as passing a ball to a teammate in spawn does not require video. Its great youre trying to help lol. But now youve distracted me from the main topic, which is you being an %#% to comet. Dont try making me out to be the bad guy here, im just here to confirm the glitch and how its done as well as support a friend that you clearly insulted.

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    I have no involvement in this issue regarding but this was originally a thought process turned into a ****ing contest. Mr woo has a very good point if we're here to help the devs improve this game why not show evidence? And further more quit harassing and acting like there's bulling going around when this asinine post was about a patch. Demonic quit getting butthurt , Fizzy, let sleeping dogs lye, John choose your battles. Get along guys or your arguments will turn this game into another "Paul bunyons arbor day bash 2 the voice of the trees"

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    @SirFizzyWo Your the one calling me a fool for using the XP/COIN Boost, but i could careless of what other people say about me "I promise im not jabbing at you" You definitely were and just by saying "Passing the ball to the guy on their spawn" im already helping the devs.Theres really no need for a video if the problem not complicated at all.I'm not here to argue with anyone i just don't want this game to die so fast like it is happening now with all this crashes..
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    @Harathos acting like there is? Lol whatever you say pal. Anyways never said posting vids didnt help but it isnt always neccesary.
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    Neither is arguing over dumb ****. Let bygones be bygones and just play the **** game.

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    @Harathos bygones will never be bygones "just play the **** game" like if we can with all the crashing going..Not arguing here by the way just saying what is true.

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    Punderball sucks anyways. Come play conquest. The top is pretty boring only having a few of us playing :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirFizzyWo View Post
    @John Tran
    well, its honestly not a jab, i sincerely wanted to know if he had resoning or if he was just headbutting boosts, but since im being called out, lets look at his post and try to decipher why i responded in the manner i did:

    1. 50 crashes. 50. not 1. not 10. 50. hes not lying, i understand that the game is crashing. im not denying that. so, fact: the game is crashing ALOT. enough so the he testifies he accumulated 50 of them.

    2. 10 coin AND 10 exp boosts. again not 1. not 2. not 5. 10. apiece. a total of 20. now my logic (and maybe this is where im flawed) dictates that if i KNOW im going to lose something that has a value during a crash, I DONT USE IT. ill even argue that he could use 3 apiece and still want to test to make sure theyre being lost on crash, so he goes to 5. but after 5 crashes, you can honestly tell me you wouldnt come to the conclusion that "hey, these arent doing anything for me if i crash, and the game is crashing alot, maybe i should save these for when the game is more stable since the only way i get more is by paying."?

    3. have you ever heard the definition of insanity?

    im sorry if you got offended, but blaming them because you didnt want to just hold off for a patch seems a bit silly, and it came across more as a rant out of anger, than actual logic. so i responded as a logical individual asking him to post a vid to help the devs, and pointed out that maybe its not the best time to use boosts, after all THIS IS A BETA, things are bound to go wrong. it wasnt meant to be a jab at him and if he took it as a jab, maybe you should let him fight his own battles.
    You're doing it wrong then. All you had to do is say that he should probably hold off using his coins until they fix the issue.

    You don't need to ask "why" he did it and put this assertion on him that it's his fault that he lost his coins.

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