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Thread: Rook "God mode" Breaking the game..

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    Rook "God mode" Breaking the game..

    Ok so we all complain about how broken elbow pads were, but Rook still has them in a different way call "Shadow Mist" 60% damage resistance 30secs + stun for 5secs..You already have 70% physical resistance and 70% elemental resistance, why give him 60% damage resistance thats clearly a 130% resistance which mean he cannot take damage for 30secs..They don't run out of energy cause of a certain workout we all use..

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    Doesn't work on players that go beyond 99% damage resistance..

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    I agree rook is very tough with max elbow pads. What about just lowering his buff timer? 30 seconds is the longest ive ever seen for a buff.

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    < Have full kneepads and girded, I can be killed, Stuns and debuffs.
    Certain team comps will kill you, Keep in mind this game is Focused and balanced around TEAM play

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    It shouldn't take 4 debuffs to take down 1 Rook and the guy i faced wasn't taking damage even while he was debuff...

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    when yurtle the turtle pops his reflect shield hes also basically immortal for that time period and (within reason) immune to debuff. he still dies. as jason said (and i can vouch having played with jason multiple times) HE CAN BE KILLED (sorry jason, but we both know it lol). if a player has a decent team hes much harder to kill, but it is possible.

    help your team learn when and when not to engage a rook and yall will have much better luck facing him, debuff or not.

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    If it takes 4 people and some serious teamwork just to take down 1 rook, it's a little too strong. No one in the game has a buff that long and it's tied into her blink.
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    I play rook with max elbow pads. I still die some times. Do you want to know how I die? It's when people make a good build that suits a champion. I've seen countless people pick a champion and not play to their strengths. It's not the rook that OP, the player behind it just knows what their doing and the person who can't kill her doesn't.

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    these are my sentiments exactly. i hate to be that blunt, but ive killed rooks no problem. multiple times. rook has to be dealt with using teamwork and general knowledge.

    im sorry if you feel differently. we may just have a difference of opinion. the fact is however that rook is a strong character, played well by a few people. that does not make her OP. by that reasoning every character is OP because ive been killed by everyone. even a xavilla (though this was more my fault for positioning myself near a cliff).

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