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Thread: Calling All Youtubers and Streamers!

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    Calling All Youtubers and Streamers!

    Hey guys right now I am working on the wikia and I would like to add a section for youtubers and streamers for TGT so that people can more easily find you guys! Please leave your channels here so I can add them to the wikia. Thank you and have a good one!

    People Added to Wikia:



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    Glad to help support a great cause. YouTube : Thos1911

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    Thank you Harathos! Got you added buddy!

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    I just use my psn name via ps4 but idk if that acts as a real twitch account.

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    Twitch name is the same as my user name on here.

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    Gotcha Demonic and Shadow!

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    Youtube: OneMicGaming
    I only have 3 TGT videos so far but I love this game so more will be coming.

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    love to stream TGT

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    Youtube: Bopbarker
    Twitter: Bopbarker
    Facebook: I think you get it at this point

    I am a multi-game streamer so looking forward to bringing my viewers from other games to TGT. I haven't done many Youtube videos recently but been looking for a game like this to get back into making some.

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    sorry guys for the delay crazy week! GOt you guys added mic beef and barker.

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