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    Game Updates

    So is this game ever going to be updated? I remember reading like two weeks ago that a ton of new champs were coming in 1-2 weeks, as well as three new game types. Since then, all we have gotten is one small fix for one glitch in the game, and the patch actually introduced game crashes that made things even worse.

    What's the deal devs? I want to like this game, and even spend money on it, but it really needs new champions, game types, bug fixes, and balancing.

    In the current state of the game, I just run around as khan, rook, or next with heavy upgrades and kill most players in two attacks, and ignore players with upgrades such as mine since there's no point in battling them for 90 seconds when I can kill their low level teammates in 5

    Please don't take this wrong. I enjoy the game a lot, or I wouldn't be taking the time to write this. But it needs fixes and new content SOON, or I will lose interest. I know this is a beta, but these bugs should be being ironed out

    Can we get an eta on new content? Champions, game types, maps, etc?

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    I know how you feel. At first like hope they get updates soon but it's just now beta so yeh. But I recently found out this is just smashmuck with some interface tweek and other things to appear to a wider audience as they put it. It was also converted to play on ps4. Smashmuck had more Champs and from what I heard the op ones weren't so op with the others around

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    Servers are going to be reset tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m., EST to squash reported bugs. We will be introducing a new Champion on Friday and will be continuing to introduce new Champs every other week. I hope this helps some. Thanks, guys, for your patience!

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    Oh awesome. Thanks for the quick response and for the update on it

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    Hello there! First they did say new champions were coming, but never within a time increment. In different interviews they did say they would add champions rapidly. The new game modes will come once the game is less buggy and there is a higher population so there will not be lots of games with just bots. I know right now the player base is very unbalance. While queing solo i win 8/10 games with group 9.9/10 games. As new people join and get more upgrades, this will eventually balance out. Right now the state of the game is some what awkward, but welcome to open beta! Things are getting better each and every week!

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    Find out today on their live stream at 4pm est

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