Quoting Dan: "The main goal was to normalize status effects, so they would behave in a more understandable and predictable fashion."..."So give us your feedback! We are listening. I encourage you all to get engaged here, on the forums."

Here's my feedback split up into bite-sized chunks:

Let's just talk about "understandable":

When I started playing, tooltips gave you the numbers. How much damage is this attack going to do? 1800 with 35% chance of +850 critical. No math, no ambiguity. Push the button that said "Go!"

Yes, there was a problem in that the numbers were not always correct, but specific numbers are way easier to understand than calculating 25% of a number that is not in front of you then adding a second or third variable to the equation. Computers do math like that so we don't have to. The system is (obviously) already doing the math, it just has to be displayed in advance so the player can make an informed decision and execute it.

I have to suggest that both of the last two updates have made status effects harder to understand. The last update removed the hard numbers and the tooltip now reports, "(Attack Symbol) will increase". That's pretty ambiguous compared to "attack increases by 103".

Even if you know it's 25% because you read the release notes, KIZ is still requiring players to do some non-trivial math before every action. Quick - what's 233 + 25%? Now calculate the 40% poison divided up over two rounds or four rounds. But wait - is the Poison added before the buff or after the buff? What did the release notes say?...

Does anyone disagree that the best solution is a tooltip that accurately calculates the damage with all the applicable variables? What could be more understandable and predictable than that?

While we're at it can we see the "final" attack and health numbers with equipped items included in our barracks and lists? Why do we have to wait until we are actually engaged in battle to see the numbers?