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Thread: 1.34 Update - Are status effects more predictable?

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    1.34 Update - Are status effects more predictable?

    Quoting Dan: "The main goal was to normalize status effects, so they would behave in a more understandable and predictable fashion."..."So give us your feedback! We are listening. I encourage you all to get engaged here, on the forums."

    Here's my feedback split up into bite-sized chunks:

    Let's talk about "predictable":

    Before: Weaken, Enrage, and Expose stacked up to three times. The effect increased predictably with each upgrade. Regardless of the level of the item, you were guaranteed to get Weaken, Enrage or Expose. As noted in another post, the system has to calculate the numbers no matter what. In some cases, the numbers were wrong in the tooltip, in the actual results, or both. That was a bug that needed to be fixed. The concept was sound, in my opinion.

    As long as it's calculated and executed properly, predictability was = 100%

    Now: Weaken and Expose are limited to 25% period, and the effect persists for 2 rounds. I'm not exactly sure how to calculate that 25%, but as noted above, we can solve that by restoring the numbers in tooltips. Enrage now stacks up to four times and retains the old "for the next action" behavior. Okay, fine. But Weaken and Expose now only have a 20, 30, 40 or 50% chance of being applied. It goes from pretty bad odds to 50/50 odds at best. Actually, 85% for Enrage, but that's down from 100%. (Don't get me started on the streakiness of the random number generator).

    Current odds of the key status effects being applied ranges from 20-50%. How is that more predictable?

    Enrage is the new OP item, with an 85% chance and 4 stacks (=100% increase). Why is it different?

    This is especially bad for lower level players. The net result of this is opponents with a (guaranteed) 50 or 75% buff when you KO one or two of them. The only counter you have is one of the new dispel items. Those are difficult to acquire for the top players and literally impossible to acquire if you are not in an alliance. That limits those items to the top 50 or so players. I can't see how that is good for the game.

    (I played 10 Arena rounds using my much lower level alt account to test this out. I lost 8/10 and barely survived with one fighter at very low health the other 2. -54 trophies if we want to use that as a measure)

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    The effects are predictable. In some cases their application is chance-based, but once applied, the behavior of an effect is predictable.

    You’re right about Enrage. It may be too OP currently, so we’ll keep an eye on it. I’m definitely curious to see if Enrage and Poison items start taking over. Poison got quite a nerf early on in Might’s development, but I think it could make a comeback.

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