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Thread: KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!! so lame

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    KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!! so lame

    Khan is way to over powered and he needs to be nerfed because the character breaks the game. Most normal MOBA's do not allow players to be the same character and this one is different (not in a good way with Khan around). If two players choose Khan then they will ride each other to the bomb and never take damage past 95% because they just constantly buff each others defense and then they bully you until they kill you. That is not ok, i would really hate to see four Khans. Please fix him/her/it

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    Hey YMT!

    I'm super happy to see more people playing TGT! I'm going to move your suggestion/complaint to the right forum so that it gets seen by the right devs to be taken in to consideration. I know we'll be releasing more tasty champs, so hopefully the Khan-Party will disperse a little soon and give you a break! Thank you for your feedback!

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    There's like one khan post a day. He's the most played since he's free and tank already. Add some badges and he's hard to kill. Lvl up get badges play with people you know and an communicate with.
    As for the multi use of characters. There's only 10 total, with 8 people per game that means all but 2 will be used. But uh only 4 are free. They have posted on other topics saying they are coming out with a new champ today and new ones coming ever other week. More Champs will be better aginst khan. Just be patient lol

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    Yeah I agree Wettip, I hear all this talk about Khan being OP, maybe it's mostly in Plunderball and perhaps Conquest because I usually just play Annihilation and I don't even notice Khan being that great. Nexi is more of a problem in that game mode, but even she's not unbeatable. More champs will even things out more, we're still in beta, but also Khan's not unstoppable.

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    Khan is not all that bad, stick with a group of dps and you will bring him down.

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    Only player that really needs nerfing. Even one high training leveled Khan can roll an entire team. Apart from this game actually being extremely balanced Khan's skill set is a little OP. Also ive been getting hit 3+ times per swing by Khans online. Is this a talent or bug? (verified by hearing a pshh-pshh-pshh and being one-hit-ko'ed in 1v1 scenarios)

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