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Thread: Quick Comment/Review on the game.

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    Talking Quick Comment/Review on the game.

    Hey I just wanted to say this game has a powerful amount of potential as a MOBA going into home consoles i feel many people of the Playstation community would be very attracted to this game after much more work is put into it. The game itself i feel needs many more tweaks and features. Heres me listing some right off the bat.

    -An item system for all gamemodes : Giving your player more gold depending on how many kills,etc he has achieved then using that gold to upgrade his/her champ within the battle.

    - A "Safe house" : Zones in the map in which certain teams can regenerate health and be safe while they re-cooperate from battle.

    -A better auto attack system : The auto attacks are a little finnicky and could use some work.

    Thats all i really got and what i think would make this a great game.

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    Hello there! I can see by your post that you have played more traditional MOBAs. Kiz Studios officialy considers their game to be a Brawler instead of a MOBA. While there are many similar aspects to MOBAs, they want quick games that are intense and focuses quite a bit on combat. Features such as items takes away from fighting and focuses more on who gets the kills, buying items, and worrying about itemization. Simply put, the game modes aren't really that long and items are not really needed. While there will eventually, far out in the future, be what is known as the foot locker, ability to switch weapons in a match and some unknown stuff as well. Again with the safe house. Re spawn times are short and dying only takes you out of the combat with no other penalties so some times its better to just die and re enter combat. These changes will probably not happen due to the way the game is set up. However, there will be a more traditional MOBA game mode so look for that in the future!
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