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    About Workouts

    I have a question for some more experienced players. I just reached level 22 and unlocked tier 3 workouts. I noticed that they have negative effects in addition to positive effects. I just wanted opinions on whether or not tier 2 which have only positive effects are equal in quality to tier 3 which have larger positives but also negatives, or if I should just use tier 3. Thanks in advance for any useful advice!

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    It depends. Some badges have minimal negatives. Others have huge negatives.

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    I had the same issue until I sat down and weighed my options. The way I deal with the negatives is to see if what I am losing in negative will even affect my build i'm trying to make. For example if I use a tier 3 Chin-Ups which gives you

    +10% Attack Damage
    -10% Max Health

    I would choose this only if I care more about taking down my enemies as fast as possible rather than to be a bulky tank. If you were making a tank I would go with another option that doesn't affect your health and other types of defenses. I think this was made to make sure you couldn't make OP characters and I think it's a good idea.

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    Hello there! As a seasoned TGT player I will tell you that I have indeed used a combination of T2 and T3 Workouts. For example. I have made a crit Rook build. Usually I go T3 aroma therapy in order to get lots of energy regen so i can spam abilties and auto attacks for maximum damage potential. However, Arome Therapy gives -% crit damage which goes completely against my build. What do I do? Find a happy medium. Balance the stats so the negatives don't impact you too hard and your still making a killer build!

    Now as stated, some workout negatives aren't that bad. Such as elbow pads on some one that doesn't have debuffs in the first place doesn't really effect them or the T3 max health that have -health regen. Sense health regen scales with time out of combat, this doesn't real have a huge impact.

    (Rule of thumb, don't use more than three of the same type of T3 workout since 4+ negative stacks really hit hard!)
    Hope this helps! - Emomiime

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    Okay I'll take a closer look at the negatives and balance the effects accordingly, and use tier 2 as well as 3. Thanks for the advice guys

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