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I'd have to disagree. Take a look at Rending Claws. -80 Elemental Damage every second for ten seconds. That's -800! Then add on the initial 100 physical damage for a net 900 damage!

900 net damage potential at the cost of a mere 200 energy and 8 seconds of cool down.

That is 4.5 damage per energy spent. Nearly double that of any other attack in the game.

You may argue that it's just DoT. But the thing is, DoT is still damage, and it doesn't stop until all damage has been dealt. And of course, im not taking into account resistances.
It's not the same mate. A dot can be mitigated much easier than a full burst hit. 800 damage over ten seconds seems like a lot if you add it all up, but you've got to realize your only taking 80 a second. I've fought countless nexi's 1v1 with rook and killed them, then just gone to grab health or have a team mate heal/shield me. So in theory 800 is a lot but it's really it's not. Burst can never be compared to dots, unless it's an MMO and you're talking about sustained DPS where you never run out of energy/power/mana/etc.

Think of it like this. If you were to go buy a car or a house, would you rather pay for all of it right then or over the course of 60 months? What seems easier for you to "Mitigate the damage" to your bank account/income?