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Thread: Good character to buy and build

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    Good character to buy and build

    I need to buy a new character. IN addition to the 3 free ones i have nexi and ninjette and I am looking to buy a new character. I have practiced as both rook and odillius (or however its spelled) and they seem promising. Any suggestions though as to who else is a good character to invest in?

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    I'd recommend Rook, but you have to be very careful how you build her. I've played against the some of the people in the top 25 who main Rook and they aren't good. People are trying to force her into a certain build and it just doesn't work. Oddi is also a good choice. Oddi and Nexi right now are the best DPS characters.

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    I got Leatherhead this morning, he's a lot of fun to play with so far. Good range tanky Champ. Def should invest in energy and energy regen though.

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    Ive tried btoh today and Rook seems like the best bet. Odi is to squishy to me. But how would I build a Rook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rootl View Post
    Ive tried btoh today and Rook seems like the best bet. Odi is to squishy to me. But how would I build a Rook?
    The way I built my Rook is full Bowling Ball 3 with Crusher badge; 4 Elbow Pads, 1 Athletic tape, and the badge that lowers debuff duration; 3 Aroma Therapy, 2 Sports Drinks, and Bubbles Badge.

    You can change the Badge that lowers debuff duration to Girded or Triage to either get more tanky, or Triage to protect yourself from machine gun. 2 Sports drink will lower your attack to 80 so you always have gridded against resistances. Bolts will do 300-500 damage per bolt. Girded is ok, but with roughly 140/136 damage resistances with teleport buff you really don't need girded.

    You basically become a debuffing tank that is capable of some nice burst dps, and CC.

    My only issue is that the +20% healing from bowling doesn't work on the healing per hit from the CC on the teleport. It will always be 40hp per hit, with is a non existent heal basically.

    EDIT: One thing I see under used by other "Top" players is her stealth when stationary. USE IT. If you get low on health or power and don't have the plunder ball then go near where a power up spawns and go into stealth. You'll regen some health while you wait for it to spawn. IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIVE. lol
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