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Thread: What I hope to see for this game.

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    What I hope to see for this game.

    I've been watching a lot of old SmashMuck Champions videos on youtube lately, and I love what I see. If anyone hasn't watched videos of SmashMuck, I recommend you to do so as it will give you an idea of where this game could be in the future. From the videos I've watched, here are some of the main things I'm hoping Kiz can pull off to bring this game up to where it was in the days of SmashMuck.

    1) The look. As of right now, TGT looks pretty good. But there's just something different about the look of SmashMuck that I personally like more. I understand they're not necessarily trying to re-make SmashMuck, but I wouldn't mind the option to have things like the old UI stat bar or the words that appear when a status effect is applied or a skill is blocked. Yes, this is very minor. Its just a personal hope that I have.

    2) The game modes. I would be distraught to not see Destroyer. It looks like a blast. Since this game is advertised as a MOBA, Siege would be another one that I think would be great to have, but Destroyer sounds the coolest to me atm.

    3) Crafting system. Who doesn't love crafting things? I hope this makes its way into TGT, as grinding coins is a rather boring way to progress.

    4) Alliances. I'd like to see this so there can be a better in game way to communicate/group up with teammates.

    5) I understand that the player base is pretty small atm, but why are the games 4v4? I never really paid much attention to it, but now after watching many SmashMuck videos, it seems rather silly that the games are 4v4... I would like to see 5v5 for each game mode, with certain modes, such as Plunderball, having the 3v3 option.

    These are just a few things that I'd love to see make it into this game.
    I sincerely hope this game makes great progress and attracts lots of players.
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    I would also like more status effects.

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