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Thread: Attack speed (bug, glitch)

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    Attack speed (bug, glitch)

    OK so I've seen it 3 times by different people all in 1 game. The first game is was a nexi and she was auto attacking super super fast (like more than 3 attacks every half second) I msged the person to see if it was a certain build or a hack. They never replied to the msg. Then then next game it was a khan and it was the same for that game.the last person was nexi. Tldr there is a attack speed glitch that's going on, I don't like it and I don't think its fair. I know there are badges as what not that give you attack speed but it was way too fast to be buffs. Pls look into this. Next time I can record it if need be.

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    It's a badge called Machine gun. Look it up. Also you can do a search and find 10 other threads. Or don't even bother to search and just scroll down the first page.

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    Uh read further down? "I know there are badges and stuff but it was way too fast to be buffs" I'm talking super super fast autos. Way faster than normal. Course you probably just read the first part of this msg anyways.

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    As he said, it was machine gun. At high stacks you can shred a decked out khan in the blink of an eye.

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