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Thread: Puching bag workout doesn't work

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    Puching bag workout doesn't work

    I'm not sure if it's just a diplay glitch but when I put a level 2 punching bag (+5% attack speed) on a champ my stats don't display any increase in attack speed. It says. +0. Then if i take it off it says -0. Am i missing something?

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    Because this badge is sucks. not worth it.
    You have 1 speedy atk. So, 5% is 0,05. You will have 1,05 speedy atk. Your status only display whit 2 speedy atk.
    that's the worst of all Badge. Dont purchase! Never!
    If you want speedy atk, buy Machunegun Badge (only that one).

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    That . . . makes sense. So I gotta treat it like LOL and wait till i get high level and get the good stuff. Gotcha

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