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Thread: Using a modded controller...probably

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    Using a modded controller...probably

    I was in an annihilation match and an enemy single handedly took my Khan down in like 1 second(ish) while im all good with being killed, the way i was killed is what bugs me. This person did 2100 damage with rapid melee attacks giving me no time to counter or even run...Is there actually a character who is supposed to do this?

    Thank for reading

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    Btw he ended 29/0 with 59k damage dealt

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    Most likely they're using the badge called Machine gun.

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    Can you explain this badge to me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenChaos7 View Post
    Can you explain this badge to me?
    It's a strength badge (the red ones) which you can buy for 16000 coins. Every 10 basic attacks within 10 seconds gives you 100% attack speed, and will fall off if you don't land 10 more auto attacks in that 10 second window. It stacks so once you get it going you can melt anyone.
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    Triage is a good counter for Machine gun.

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