Had an idea for brackets to help matchmaking and playing new champs.

Add Tier Brackets that you select to play in, Bracket 1, 2, and 3 and so on. After selecting your game mode you would pick a Bracket and then enter queue.

Brackets would be broken into sections.
Bracket 1, 2, 3 Novice.
Bracket 4, 5, 6 Intermediate
Bracket 7, 8, 9 Advanced
And so on... ( Master, Legend, whatever)

Bracket 1 would be for those with no workouts/badges or those with tier 1 workouts/badges. If you pick Bracket 1 and then select a champ with tier 2 or 3 workouts/badges or mixed workouts/badges, it would then auto scale down all your workouts/badges to tier 1 for that game only. Same for Bracket 2 and 3.

Get rid of the debuffs on tier 3 workouts/badges. Workouts and Badges at tier 4, 5, and 6 would introduce the debuffs. 7, 8, and 9 would introduce another new variation, and so on.

Add Tier tabs to the Workouts page. That way you can work on your next Bracket Section build while playing in yourncurrent one and not be forced into a higher bracket Section until you're ready. It would also give the ability to play with friends in lower brackets section. As well as clean up the purchase section so there isn't eventually a huge list of Workouts to scroll through.

There would only be one Workout Tier Tab per Bracket section, considering your Workouts/badges would just scale down anyhow. So Novice Tab would be Tier 1-3, Intermediate Tab would be Tier 4-6 and so on.

During champ selection... after selecting a champ but before confirming them, have an option to select which Tier Tab to play with.

And if you wanna do it the old way and not climb the brackets, you still can. IE: Farm on your "Advanced" champ and then outfit your new champ, jumping that new champ directly to whatever bracket section you built them for.

I think it would give the game a new feel every new bracket section you enter.

As of right now starting a new champ sucks. Either naked at 30, which really sucks. Or farming on the same ole champ over and over until your new one can hold their own.

This whole idea would open up the gates for Tier Bracket Tournaments, Ladders, higher rewards with each Bracket Section, and even Titles.

One thing that might be a huge downfall to this is the player base. I'm not sure there is enough of one to do a bracket system with this kind of depth.

Feedback and modifications to this idea are welcome. I doubt it'll get any serious attention or consideration but it is what it is.