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Thread: 1st Ever TGT Community Tournament! Sign Up Today!

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    Psn ID: yolohcm
    I need a slot in any team

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    Team Name : Last Chance
    Captain : iPityTheFoool
    Member 1 : Ladykillanoob
    Member 2 : gogswarriors
    Member 3 : TheSpicyBadger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virkynguyen View Post
    Psn ID: yolohcm
    I need a slot in any team
    Fought your 3 man group twice this morning, very fun battles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virkynguyen View Post
    Psn ID: yolohcm
    I need a slot in any team
    Waiting for reply. Sorry about that.

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    Attention Everyone! Tonight at 12:00 A.M. EST is the deadline for sign ups. Originally yesterday was going to be the last day for sign ups, but I have given a little more leeway. At that time, I will post brackets for tomorrow! I will start adding the team captains on PSN at this time so I can communicate with you during the tournament tomorrow! Squeeze that practice in and let's have fun tomorrow!

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    team name: reckoctopus
    captain : XxadrammelechXx
    member 1 clarbear2011
    member 2 weez420
    member 3 Renegade_Reaper
    sub 1 fdcbrian
    sub 2 LuBu_27
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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonicAries View Post
    Team Raff is dead.
    Don't give up Aries!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladykillanoob View Post
    Don't give up Aries!!
    These tournaments arent for me anyway. Looks like in future tournaments we may not even get to play as our favorite champs even if they dont get banned. If someone picks first and takes a champ you wanted to use then whats the point of these tournaments? Ive always wanted to someday to be good enough in a game to actually participate in tournaments but it seems that these tournaments are some weird mix of random match ups. This isnt a tournament anymore its some game with an extra twist. At least thats how I see it. Why limit a teams max potential, just so the opposing team has a chance to beat a formidable team?

    What i was really looking foreward to was fighting bop barkers team, id rather try to win against his team at his best, not take a low blow, wheres the challange in a handicap?

    Im hanging it up its been fun good luck tomorrow everyone.
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    Editing team

    Team Name:Yeti
    Member 1:xByS-Rampage
    Member 2:iJokerFaced
    Member 3:ImTonyMontana__
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