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Thread: 1st Ever TGT Community Tournament! Sign Up Today!

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    1st Ever TGT Community Tournament! Sign Up Today!

    Hello everyone! I have some very exciting news for all of you! I will be hosting a TGT Tournament and all of you are invited to come and join in on this amazing event. In short, this tournament will be 4v4 best of 3 Plunderball that will start Sept. 19th at 2 p.m. EST time Time is tentative and can be changed if needed, but no later than 7 days before the tournament. Below are the rules and requirements as well as prizes!

    No duplicate champions on same team, however, there can be multiple of a champion in one game (1 per team)
    Cannot use a champion that has been released for less than one week
    All badges and workouts are available to use at this time. If one badge/workout becomes a problem, it may be outlawed in future tournaments until the item is changed.

    Tournament will be best of 3 Plunderball single elimination
    Each team will consist of a minimum of 4 player and a maximum of 6 players (2 subs)
    Each team will need a captain that will be in charge of communicating decisions to me such as team roster, team name, and picks and bans in the matches themselves.
    Teams will decided according to who you guys want to team up with. I will also creating a forum post for those who are looking to join teams, so if you don't have anyone in mind, feel free to post single and we will find you a team.
    The captain for each team will be required to stream their game in order for refs to be able to watch the game for fair play and to be streamed for the community to see.

    How will teams que up against each other?
    We will use practice mode and have both team que up at the same time until they get into the same match.
    Picks and bans will be done verbally before queing up due to short pick times in game.
    The Bracket will be set up using
    At this time, teams do not need to sign up. If I continue to run tournaments, then teams may have to in the future.
    Seeds will be randomly generated.

    Exploiting bugs during a tournament is considered illegal and will result in an automatic loss.(known bug atm is being able to jump into spawn zones with champs like rook/oddilus)

    Coin toss to decide who goes first (Coin toss will be decided using

    Team1:1 Ban
    Team2:1 Ban

    Team1:2 Picks
    Team2:1 Picks

    Team1:2 Pick
    Team2:3 Picks

    This draft phase is very experimental and will be altered according to results from this tournament.
    Once there are enough champions in the game, duplicate Champions will not be allowed in same game as well as team.

    How will this work?
    Both teams as well as one tourney mod will join in a private party chat using the PS4 Party function. Only team captains and the mod will be allowed to speak.
    Other team members must communicate to team using another method (group messaging using PS4 for example).

    Team Sign Ups
    Using this forums, submit your team in the following format:
    Names are based on PSN names not forum names.
    Team Sign Ups Will Run Until September 18th

    Team Name:
    Sub1: (optional)
    Sub2: (optional)

    And now the part you all have been waiting for! Prizes will be rewarded to the top 3 teams. I will record every team that participates for possible rewards in the future as well.

    All Packs that are rewarded are given to us by Kiz Studios themselves! Be sure to thank them! (THANK YOU!!!).
    Only members that participated in at least 2 games themselves will receive rewards. (Subs do not get rewards unless they actually sub in for a member.)

    3rd Place: All members receive the Welcome TGT Pack Which consists of: 10k coins, 5 XP boosts, 5 Coin boosts. (If you have already received one of the packs you will not be able to receive another in which case sorry. You will be remembered and I will try to see that you do receive a reward in the future.)

    2nd Place: All members will receive a Chip Pack which will have 1,400 chips in the pack!

    And our first place winners will receive: All members will get a Chip Pack as well as a $20 PSN card!

    Hopefully you guys are just as stoked as I am and choose to participate in this wonderful event! Good luck and you might want to start practicing!

    Also, if you would like to help the tournament, but participating is not your thing, help would be nice like tournament moderators and a shout caster (Otherwise I might have to shout cast and I'm not that interesting... you don't want that )

    Teams Signed Up:
    1. Short Bus Bandits
    2. Rickety Rickety Wrecked
    3. Ambition
    4. RIFF
    5. Reckoctopus
    6. xXCold_FearXx Gaming Group
    7. Beta Reapers
    8. Last Chance
    9. Yeti
    10. Salvage Shield
    11. Last Second
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    PSN: Teh_Fuz-z
    Champ: Rook
    (AZ) MST 6pm+

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    What will be done in the event of a game crash?

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    Hello there! As crashes are quite frequent and we do not know how to control them, the game will be restarted from the beginning if at the start or during a game. If the game is almost over (less than a min) then the person with the obvious advantage will be given the win (lets say less than a min left and a 2-0 score). If there is not on obvious winner, a new match will be made and first to score will win. All crashes I have experienced though are either at the beginning or the end so this shouldn't be a problem once a game starts.

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    Thats what I figured, just wanted to get it in writing before we start so no one can complain about it.

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    Ooooooooo maybe the devs can post something on the in game news feed about the tourney.

    Lord knows forum users are a small percentage of the playerbase, even on massive titles like wow or destiny. It would help raise awareness.

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    Is this supported by kizstudios?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishpaste777 View Post
    Is this supported by kizstudios?
    More or less. It is being ran by the players, but kiz has sactioned it and they are supplying the rewards.

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    Captain: XShrouded-GrinX Member #1: Nodnarb_420 Member #2: I_Dont_Scam Member #3: XXKRYPTKXX Team Name:Short Bus Bandits

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    Hello Fishpaste! Yes this is! Not only are they providing rewards, but I have discussed this with them along the way. If you follow their social media, I also hear that they plan are announcing the tournament on there soon as well.

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