Hello there Emomiime here! Thank you everyone who came out and participated in this tournament! Make sure to congratulate Ambition on their hard earned first place victory by bowing down and worshiping them!!!!! Or maybe you could just give them a pat on the back Again thank you everyone for making this tournament a success! Go here to view the tournament stats to see the breakdown of wins and losses for each of the teams http://challonge.com/1stComTGT

Now let's wrap up this tournament with some useful information. On Monday, I will contact Kiz Studios in order to get you guys who got the top 3 places your rewards. Before hand I will make sure to send the captain's the roster of members that I have down to make sure that these are the people who actually played in the tournament. I will keep track of everyone who participated in the tournament for a possible reward later on down the road.

Tomorrow, I will open up a thread asking for feedback on the tournament. That will be the place for suggestions on how to improve the tournament to a less time constraining event, as well as touch up on different aspects of the tournament that you guys either liked, loved, or hated.

Again thanks guys without the help of the community this would have never been possible!!! Take care and have a nice day/night/life =)