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Thread: 1st Ever TGT Community Tournament! Sign Up Today!

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    So what would happen if you want to take part in it, but can't find a team? Will those people just not be apart of it or will they be put on like, Team Oddball? xD

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    Hey Noah, a team is required and there's many active TGT Players. Also there's a Player Name List forum to add/play with other TGT players

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    Hello Noah! I have made a forum for people to try and find other team members! Hopefully you will be able to find some peeps to play with! If you are unable to find a team by that time and there are at least 4 of you then sure we can put you all on a team.

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    Hey I'm really sad I get to miss out on this tournament because of I have to work every Sa****ay. Anyway next time you could announce the tournaments 3-4 weeks before it starts that way I can ask for work off? that would be great I bet there's other people that have conflicts as well. The next tournament you should do is annihilation. lets see who dominates the kills. Just suggestions hopefully I can catch the next tournament

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    S a t u r d a y I wasn't trying to curse.... haha

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    Sorry about that jiggiesmalls. I knew there would be a conflict in schedule with some people but I had hoped the majority would be able to make it. Next time I will definitely try to announce much sooner so people can make plans appropriately both in real life as well as preparations in the game. Again sorry for the inconvenience, and I'll try to make sure to give people plenty of time next time!

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    So.... what's the tournament entry deadline?

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    Team: Rickety Rickety Wrecked
    Captain: bopbarker
    Member 1: Athear
    Member 2: GLADDENNATOR
    Member 3: TwistyCashew
    Sub 1: skojoe
    Sub 2: Snake_Eyes3456

    Sorry for the delayed entry, have been ready since the first day but was allowing my viewers to vote on the name we would go with. We will be streaming from my channel at (

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    Sorry for double post, wanted this to be separate from our entry. All the exploits that are going on with badges should be banned from this tournament. There are plenty of badges that are working as intended to keep this tournament competitive without using badges that are allowing people to infinitely stack buffs or be invincible.

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