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Thread: 1st Ever TGT Community Tournament! Sign Up Today!

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    Team Name:Beta Reapers
    Captain: Jenadi_Ellyaz
    Sub1: (optional)CRIMS0N_AXEL
    Sub2: (optional)eli_disturbed

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    How will this Work?

    How will this work?
    Both teams as well as one tourney mod will join in a private party chat using the PS4 Party function. Only team captains and the mod will be allowed to speak.
    Other team members must communicate to team using another method (group messaging using PS4 for example).
    If both teams are in the party along with a mod and both teams have subs that is 13 people in a party. How will that can only have 8. Even if they didn't have subs that would leave you with 9 people with 8 Slots. Wouldn't it make sense to have 1 team and 1 mod in one party and one team and another mod in the other? That way you can fit everyone. Or is this going to work like both captains and 1 mod in the party and the rest of the team isn't in the party.
    Also if the only the captain can talk in the party and the others using a different method will this prevent teams from forming a strategy mid game. For example it wont be a live action type of strategy match where you can plan or be like "Oh they have the ball heading from the top" you can't really do that with this setup.

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    psn : pcyhouse

    Currently rank 28 on plunder ball.

    Need good teammates for the tournament. Level 30
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    Update to our roster, somebody will be working and we found a replacement.

    Team: Rickety Rickety Wrecked
    Captain: bopbarker
    Member 1: Athear
    Member 2: GLADDENNATOR
    Member 3: TwistyCashew
    Sub 1: Snake_Eyes3456
    Sub 2: pcyhouse

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    waiting for my teammates to get on so we can make a team name and all. Still good to sign up today right?

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    Thanks for the info Fish I think I lost a guy but should still have a another team I'm Crooked_856 I'm in!!!

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    Well if you need a team let me know, I've got an extra spot

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    Will do but if I get my team, good luck man

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