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Thread: 1st Ever TGT Community Tournament! Sign Up Today!

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    I need a team asap please find me a team please.

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    I need a team please I'm level 30

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    Hey if anyone needs a team member Vaticide_Unknown is looking for one!

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    If only I could use sprout XP

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    Team Name:Salvage Shield
    Captain: Ahmad1125

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    Teanm last second
    Captain Vaticide_Unknown

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    Sign Ups are now closed!

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    I'm not on that team guys... I'm a captain of another team..

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    Alright everyone the bracket is finished! Unfortunately, we have an odd number of teams so there are some teams that get a first round by. The bracket was randomly generated and I did not choose which teams goes against which. Good luck tomorrow guys and see you at 2 p.m. est sharp! (Tourney Bracket!)

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    So excited for the tourney, hoping i can fall asleep soon haha. Good luck to all the teams!

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