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Thread: 4 man Nexi Team

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    4 man Nexi Team

    Title says it all looking for 3 other players who main nexi to add me so we can have 8 nexi's pop up on the battle field when we all use are mirror skill

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    You already made this topic and I get the feeling you are wanting to do this to **** people off, which makes you a virus on this game...

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    Yeah this isn't funny I think champions should be limited to 2 per team do you know how powerful one nexi is???? People like you discourage everyone new to the game.

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    Whats with the prejudice remarks /criticism ?

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    Hello Phridom! First off I would like to say sorry for all of the negative responses. Second I would like to explain why people have acted in such a way. All of us here have gone against teams full of Khans, Nexis, Rooks, etc. and have been stomped without being able to do much due to how powerful they are. Most people agree that due to how powerful they are, that TGT should be limited to 1 champ of the same champ per team in order to avoid games that are completely one-sided and not very fun to play.

    By looking at you post though, it appears as if this was not you intention and that you just wanted to see the magical 8 nexis 1 team comp for the fun of it! Again sorry for the harsh remarks from the community and hopefully this has shed some light on the topic. Feel free to have fun with the game, but remember that real players are on the other team and they don't like being destroyed just like you don't!

    Welcome to the community man and if you need help with anything feel free to post here/send me a message! PSN: XxemomiimexX

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    Well I really never experienced 4 of the same champion except for maybe twice which is one of the reasons I brought this up. In league of legends they had a mode (it was a week thing) where everyone played the same champion instead of where you could only have say one champ per team it just made things interesting. My third reason is I would like to see like 4 khans vs 4 nexi's or rooks in a annihilation type mode just for the ****s and giggles cause it would be fun. Im not saying you have to agree or disagree just want people to think outside of the box.I know the games still in beta so everyone is trying to get the game balanced out first.

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