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Thread: Acheivments and where they go

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    Acheivments and where they go

    I'm having a hard time finding achievements i am unlocking..
    For instance Lv.19 or 20 i received Lv.2 emote something or another (icon with a mustache glasses)
    Were or what is that? I didn't get a new skin unlocked or anything and i cant tell a difference in my training options.

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    Hello there! When you get up levels they unlock different items such as different levels of training and badges. By what you described, it sounds like you unlocked T2 Cosmetic Badges. To view these, go to a champion that you have all the all start workouts unlocked, then you should be able to see the cosmetic badges. Hopefully this answered your question. Have a good one and if you need help feel free to ask!

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    Cool! yes i found them but not manny are soo good. Also t3 is SO expensive and comes with such penalties. im thinking t2 is actualy better in ways..

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    Yeah for cosmetic badges they aren't very many good ones, but again they are for cosmetics! Ooo pretty fireworks! lol In regards to t2 and t3, balance is key. IN very few cases do you want to actually use all t3 of one type as they give harsh results. Elbow pads it the example I want to use. If you have a champion that has many hexes (ace, oddilus, minos) then you probably don't want to stack all elbow pads as they will decrease the effectiveness of your hexes. But some champions like Khan, Xavilla, and others that don't have hexes, there is no down side to using full elbow. Again balance is key!

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    Im using t1 still! although that 100 energy every time i get hit is temping...very tempting. if only i didnt have to spend money on training an badges i've already purchased

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