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Let's just focus on the 4 champs you listed, because I very often see Khan only use his speed buff on himself with no one else around.

Khan we've already established has balance issues that could be solved by adjusting skills.

Xavilla, I'm gonna be honest I think I've only seen her/him(?) maybe 3 times. All 3 times they were bots.

Brutus, he is so easy to kill, speed drain isn't needed for him. I mean hell Brutus is almost laughable at this point in my eyes, whenever I see one on my team I groan and think "There are far better picks" when I see one on the enemy team.. YAY FREE KILLS

Oddilus, while you see him far more often than Xavilla but not as often as Brutus/Khan. He is very squishy and although he has the damage reflect, most people don't seem to remember/know he has it. I'm not too worried when I see Odd as most can't utilize him that well.

Khan is probably the easiest champ to use and be decent/good with. Nexi is a close 2nd but she isn't at hand here. So putting one badge on for Khan, and maybe the off chance he buffs his team, and 3 champs where they either aren't used as often or are squish squish, it doesn't warrant that badge to be used.
No. No. No. I was playing a match a few days ago where it was myself, my usual KHan friend and a random khan on our side. Because the random khan kept speed buffing the entire team, the nexi with speed drain on the other side was neutralizing the entire team. Hardest win I've ever fought for. Speed Drain effects a lot more than just khan. With strategy you can completely nullify a khan. It's true some other characters need a buff, but khan doesn't need a nerf. Stop overreacting because you can't kill a khan, it is laughable.