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Thread: favorite champ

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    favorite champ

    I am well over 70,000 gold and am looking to play a new champion. I currently play khan and was wondering what everyone else played and why

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    Depends what kind of playstyle you want

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    In league of legends my favorite type of champ were always the bruisers. Minos seems pretty cool but I haven't seen one yet that is actually good

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    Minos is a good champ! I'd recommend him. My full build cost around 132,000 coins. your coins, though.

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    I am also only level 25 currently

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    I personally enjoy Kilowatt. With the right build his skills/survivability are very good. Not to mention if you have a crazy side like me every time use his attacks you can think "I just shocked that person's nipples"

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    Let's be real all you need is ace

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    2 stuns and a slow that also prevents enemies from using skills. He seems really good.

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