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Thread: favorite champ

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    My favorite champ is Platimus...
    Been that way since week one.

    Only champ I consistently have problems with is Nexi.

    In my almost 10 hours of play ( probably kind of low) Ninjette and Xavilla are probably the "weakest champs" but I think that everyone has their niche in this game! (Because Xavilla is probably my second favorite champ )

    That being said, I feel like it's hard to successfully counter in this game.
    Or rather, strategically counter.

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    To through my two cents in, Oddilius is my favorite champion. Why? his hidden damage is amazing (dots), His jump is both exciting visually as well as mechanically, his slow allowed for you to dot an enemy and then just leave them dying while they can't get you, so much mobility!, and yeah.... so much more haha. He is just very fun for me to play especially because he can take on many roles like ball carrier, damage dealer, defender, etc. Now this is coming from some one who loves all of the champs, but some one who still picks favorites =)

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    Nexi is my favorite champ...
    I like how she has a clone help to fight so you can escape. I think I'm getting use to her. Hehe

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    Kilowatt is my favorite character right now. He is pretty fun in my opinion.

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    Minos by far the most fun champ I played so far

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    I've actually enjoyed playing every champ. I'm just saving up enough to max out the build I want on each champ and will eventually be at the point where I will let it pick random every game I play to keep it interesting every match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slothblood View Post
    Minos by far the most fun champ I played so far
    i love playing as minos. His basic attack slows down anyone hit, making him perfect for chasing a retreating player, and his gore power is the cherry on top. Being able to leap such a distance is great for surprise attacks. Minos makes for a great tank/fighter. I play with rook as well but battle isnt as fun unless im using minos.

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