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Thread: how do they factor leaderboards?

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    how do they factor leaderboards?

    how do the leaderboards work exactly like math and points wise? i see alot of players that i beat by almost double in three out of four things on the leaderboard in plunderball and yet i'm below them. plus the rankings between all time, weekly, and daily are all almost the exact same.

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    Leaderboards are based upon Captures, KOs and other things depending on the mode. Leaderboards only prove dedication, or exploitation to the top. Play more games get a higher rank

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    It's not exploitation, but it is more play time. I've gone against the people on the top 100. 90 of them are bad.

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    I've made my way to #25 (now#14) worldwide for conquest. I play as Rook. Not khan or nexi. . .however I do know the top 2 seeds didn't "cheat" but I know wpotato played to the benefit of buggs and now has a nearly unbeatable score
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