You nerfed machine gun, I don't blame you because I abused the hell out of it for fun and with so many stacks it became so boring I stopped playing the game until the patch this morning.


Since you nerfed machine gun so bad, it is now IMPOSSIBLE to kill leatherhead.

I just played a match full of 7 bots and 3 players, (because well, not enough people even play anymore for full teams) but the 1 player on the other team was leatherhead.

So leatherhead has the plunderball and since my nexi's machine gun was nerfed he CAN'T BE KILLED.
All he did was sit in the corner and continue to kill my team.
Oh, I had no problem killing the rest of his team, but that doesn't matter because he's the one with the ball.

Personally, I just want my $15 I paid for a starter pack back. If I wanted to play with myself (9 out of 10 games I get thrown in are all bots) I wouldn't be playing TGT.