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Thread: 2v1 Plunderball overtime

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    2v1 Plunderball overtime

    Setting:Cliff Side

    Okay so my team was pretty terrible the entire match the only shot at winning we had was going into over time, so thats what I did.
    When we got to sudden death I did as I always do and I rushed the enemies ball. After obtaining the ball I went to the narrow path with the damage boost... Of course my entire team has been wiped out at this point with no casualties its 4v1, so a Khan and Ace decide to meet me on the narrow path...That fight didnt last long I just bunker busterd them off the cliff. So now it is 2v1 Leatherhead(me) vs Khan x2. Being a fully defensive Leatherhead my offense is rather lacking so I was hoping they would meet me on the bridge to meet the same fate as their comrades but that was wishful thinking...They were stcking together the entire time collecting all the power ups I confronted them and when i got one to half life they run away this happened about five or six times over about 10 minutes. Then around the 12 minut mark we engaged again i got the Khan with the ball to 100ish he passes the ball to his friend and runs. After 5 seconds of chase he uses his speed buff and escapes to a health pickup and our game begins anew.At 14 minutes in im fighting the Khan without the ball while the other is who knows where then i notice my teams ball has been dropped so i rush to my base with a buffed Khan in hastey pursuit... so i bunkerbust him then continue to turn in the ball and win. Following the victory i decided to give them the bird i realized they couldnt see it but i didnt care those Khans annoyed me to the very end but i beat them.

    Btw as a Leatherhead immoveable Fortress or whatever allows you or the teammate that gets it to pick up the plunderball without getting the debuff so I was able to carry the ball at full speed and have enegy regen, which definitly helps in that kind of situation.
    I hope you enjoyed my telling of this excruciatingly long battle (normal plunderball time plus 15minutes overtime)
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    I actually read this long story lol but I like it great job. What's ur psn

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    Way to go. That sounded to bad you couldn't of streamed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeQuick View Post
    I actually read this long story lol but I like it great job. What's ur psn
    Same as my username here lol FrozenChaos7

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    Actually I was rook and playing against a khan for 20 mins plus overtime... khan just went around picking up health and energy. So we went in circles.... eventually khan dropped the ball back... and I did as well... because even if I got close to khan he would run ..and I would chase..... And so on. .... but khan gave in to me. Haha

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    I played a game that was 2v4 from the start, 2 bots. The four were in the top 50. in over time my team mate accidentally fell off a cliff during the fighting and it became 1v2. Me (rook) vs kilowatt and nexi. Over time lasted 9 minutes but I eventually won and saved the recording.

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    I've never had an overtime last more than a minute

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    Sometimes players would go OT on purpose.

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    Yeah I hate when that happens especially if I'm holding the ball then I teleport to death with rook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladykillanoob View Post
    Sometimes players would go OT on purpose.
    Yeah i do that if my team is really bad

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