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Thread: *Urgent* *Attenttion* Developers Please Respond

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bop Barker View Post
    Incorrect, the devs even said that machine gun was not working as intended before the patch during a live stream.

    The coin payout is pretty frustrating at times, sometimes it pays out correctly and other times it makes no sense at all or gives out no extras even though you met the requirements it has payed out for previously.

    OP, It cost 195k to buy a character and fully tier 3 it and buy a weapon, It's not that hard nor does it take that long to earn that much. If you do the objective instead of farming kills to pad your score you can complete matches in less than 2 minutes. It's rare I have a game go over 2 mins and most of them are 60-75 seconds long.
    If you are going to quote me read everything I have to say. Don't pick apart what I have to say and generalize it to match your opinion. You are allowed to have your own opinion but please remove my quote with your misinterpretation because you didn't continue reading 3 lines below it. I was only talking about the way the bonus coins are payed out, you would also know what I was talking about if you read the original post.
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