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Thread: TGT Tournament: Badge Refresher

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    TGT Tournament: Badge Refresher

    I have had people ask me to ban refresher from the tournament do to the fact that this makes Leatherhead invincible and allows him to keep his buff alive. Refresher will not be banned during the tournament at this time. While I do agree this is very strong, there is counter play and again this is strong, but not op. I made this forum to take a look at some counter play so that everyone will have an idea what to do if/when they run into a Leatherhead like this.

    Refresher increases buffs by 1 second per each auto attack. This is a strength badge which makes a refresher machine gun combo impossible. If the buffs keep getting refreshed then how do you make the buff go off? Crowd Control effect of course! If they enemy cannot land auto attacks, they cannot keep stacking their buff. ccs such as stun, slow (and walk away), knock back (and walk away), and escapes of any kind (jumps, teleports, etc.) can all get you away from leatherhead so he cannot keep stacking his buff. Additionally, Ace can silence Leatherhead so the buff cannot be re applied in case of his cooldown being back up.

    Stuns are obviously the most effective route. Ace has two 1 second stuns, Rook has a 1 sec stun (if you teleport on top of target though, they stay stuck in the mist and get stunned for 3 seconds!!!), Leatherhead himself has a 2 second stun, kilowatt has stuns, and ninjette has a 2 second stun. Running two of any of these champs ensure that leatherhead will be able to be stunned as well as many of these champs have -% damage resistance as well.

    Also, Leatherhead is ranged which means his auto attacks need to be aimed. Another method is complete avoidance. In the game of TGT one has the ability to jump. While jumping, your hit box is left on the ground and if some one attacks the hitbox, you still get hit and take damage. However, this does not apply if you jump on top of some one. This tactic allows you to jump on top of or over the enemy ranged champion that is attacking you in order to not get hit by the attack completely. Test it out and just keep jump over leatherheads all day long!

    As there are many ways to counter/fight against leatherhead, this is completely alright to use in the tournament. Remember, even if something is strong does not mean that you cannot do anything to combat it. If you spend more time trying to counter the problem rather than insist something is "op" or "invincible", then you could probably figure out your own method to fight this turtle tank! Hopefully this discussion will lead to even more ways/ideas to counter play this turtle as well!

    Thanks for your time and good luck combatants!

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    Your right I originally thought it was op until I bought crusher with ninjette. Grapple, basic attack, blade furry. GG

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    Im curious if that extends mino's stone form...,hmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonicAries View Post
    Im curious if that extends mino's stone form...,hmmm
    That's a very interesting idea you have there. Any developments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonicAries View Post
    Im curious if that extends mino's stone form...,hmmm
    That's a very interesting idea you have there. Any developments?

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    it should work, stone form counts as a buff doesn't it?

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    But stone form isnt your average skill, its two in one..god knows they probably screwed the coding on that too :P (jk still love you kiz studios)

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    I wonder if crusher works on skill buffs. If leather or khan or Minos pop damage resistant skills I wonder if not hitting 75 does the damage resistant debuff. Meaning a badge could potentially rendure a skill way less effective.

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    Its hard to tell, would be nice if we had BATTLE LOG or something along the lines instead of wandering in the dark trying to find the meaning of life. Very hard to focus on status effects and whos causing what and whats what period. Although I think say for instance someone has heavy suit. I melee twice, now hes 50% more resistant. Im assuming crusher nulls it out but can say for sure. I assume its does otherwise how can we counter such defense right?

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