Alright, I'm currently rank #1 in plunderball. I had a total of 5 characters. 2 of them relied on machine/lv 2 punching bags.

With the new update I have to completely grind my way to fix them with new work outs.

I already spent 80k+ coins on them, and since machine gun wasn't what it used to be I had to change everything.

With Nexi, I have to replace her punching bags with lv 3 bowling, and her all star badges with sports drinks. Then I have to replace machine gun with crusher. All of this takes 50k+ coins to fix.

Now, I'm a very patient guy, I have screwed up builds before and wasted 300k+ coins just from experimentation alone.
But my patience is getting very thin. My Platimus used machine gun too and I don't think I even wanna bother trying to fix him.

I honestly think there should be a way to tell if bowling works on a skill or not. Or what does Hex applies too. These coins take a very long time to get and it feels awful to waste them from experimenting.

I'm not always consistently rewarded by performing the best on my team in Plunderball either. I achieve requirements for highlights all the time and I often times do not get rewarded. Like for example, a lot of times I get the most KOs and most damaged done, but 90% of the time I never get coin highlight bonuses for that.

Considering how grindy the game is, the least I could ask for is a fix for the highlights.