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Thread: Player taking no damage -_-

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    Player taking no damage -_-

    Cannot kill wpotato. Warning, swearing in video.

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    My poor insensitive ears! LoL!

    Hope it's an exploit and not a hack. That way the developers can fix it. No matter which was done, the user should be punished if what they've done was intentional.

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    Lol! he takes damage, see those little red 38, 42, 26 poping up? Thats damage. equip Crusher badge.
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    Well previously before i started recording the video i was at my base fighting wpotato and served him a hot dish of mino mayhem. Nothing scratched him. Then i began chasing him around my base doing melee damage and still got no results, from what i saw on my screen it looked as if nothing was connecting. I brushed it off as maybe im lagging until Fal showed up and tried to help and pointed out that he was taking no damage. Surely two champs could have done at least a noticable amount of damage.

    Anyways, ill review my video and see for my self, i tested on my phone and the quality kept changing, makes it hard to see.

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    Teh Fuz youre right, but 5:28-5:29 im chasing him, the slow is registering but i see no damage popping up

    Edit: also at 5:33 i used stomp and also saw no damage taken, 5:43 i used gore, no numbers showed up.
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    Yeah, this was really messing with us. We were literally giving everything we had. And nothing, even with full elbowpads and girded, damage should still register.

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    Looks like i was wrong about wpotato. As it turns out my rook has pretty much the same build lol, i just learned today that when resistance is higher then 100% it heals. Wow. Never even noticed.

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