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Thread: POLL: TGT Leaderboard Seasons

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    My vote and what I would like to see is 2 weeks. This allows people to progress but not get destroyed by people that never sleep. It allows for people to beat out the people that have stopped playing but not lose to not having enough time with kids and work to play as much
    I just think if you make it longer than 2 weeks players will lose interest within the month and let themselves fall on the leaderboard.

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    I would assume the season leaderboards would reset right? I vote 3 weeks. I can see the improved leaderboards with tabs of Daily, Weekly, Seasonal, All Time.

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    I like the leaderboard system length

    I don't like how plunderball system is more focused on kOs. 5points is still too much. 2 points a KO would be a better suggestion for next season.

    I likewise for conquest. Award the people accomplishing the objective instead of running around getting kills.

    People still go for kills over captures 30 to 35 points a capture or rescue would be much nicer.

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    Conquest is playable now :-) and monthly leader boards are perfect.

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    First season past 20 to 21 days felt almost too long for those who work. I liked the excitement for the first two weeks.

    26 days will be marathon But it's okay I'm going on vacation

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    Lol, I been sick for a week and had a big enough lead to not play and hold my number one spot... hmmm there's a problem somewhere!

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