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Thread: major thoughts on game as whole

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    I do the ninjette 1 shot byild made it so i kill myself if i hit myself. Can kill brutus on down unless they are tanky.and number 11 is about whats the point in specing into crit damage and crit chance if u cant get enough to make it viable because people will nust spec into bowling not auto attacks.
    Youre youre right about crit, but thats what i game, not every champ will get the chance to use a work out and/or badge to its max potential. I bet there will one day be a champ that has really high critical chance or even high critical damage never know. Kiz Studios claims that they have 20-30 new champs coming in. There will be an endless variety and combinations to work with.

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    I believe in balance. High damage is squishy. tankyness is less damage. What would be the point if eveyone is tanky xivilla is basically screwed. With balance it provides more paths to take each with thier plus and downs. Diversity is what makes good games great. Y make it so one way is the best way*cough* bowling and elbopads* the only crit champ u can do is ningette cause he can get automattic crit. No other champ can make that build as viable. Even tho doin the ninjette route u sacrifice ur health for that damage which i think is the perfect balance.makes it so it isnt to overpowered

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    With the meta now 80% of people build bowling and elbopads. They are the best things u can use to survive tanks with high damage or sustain. Most games i play i always see khans nexis and a few others 1v3 and win most of the time if played it khan with no runes is still strong. I know he is getting a nerf. Stating for the long run is things that could be changed

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    Thats the best part! You can balance to the best of your champs stats or take huge risks and reap high rewards. But balancing in this game is a bit of a challange, depending on what youre trying to achieve. But your on a team with 3 other players, they will help balance out the playing field. Its best to play with a group that compliments your play style or helps you with buffs that fill in the gaps in your build

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    Having a balanced team works well. But as a balance of everyone is tanky doesnt really provide a divercity in builds.people who are high damage dealers like kilowat nexi ninjette ect shouldnt have to build tanky to compicate to help thier teamas tanks who are ment to soak damage and stay in prolonged fights shouldnt be able to just instakill those high damage dealers.i know if tanks have no damage then theynwouldnt be useful. But most tanks if not all have quite a few aoe abilities to help thier team. 200 damage dealt to 4 people is alot of damage. Plus they can stay in fights longer.but when the game is nothing but tanks its whoever can eat through the others first.i know nexi kilowat and all the others can build tanky to survive but they shouldnt have to build that way to fight the tanks every champ has thier own uniqness and way of fighting rook can teleport and stun to help him kite. Kilowat can stun. Ace can charge in and out of fights. But right now its just tank fights so the champions unique kits arnt bien used to thier full potential. Y kite when u can stand still. Y go invisable to create opertunity when u cant use the stealth the way its used y use khans buffs for his teamates when he does alot of damage. And y use platimuses supportness to help his teamates when u can spec tank and bowling to makeurself more damagy. Sum champs arnt bien used because they have to build tank just to be useful when supports can provide beter longer buffs tanks hold back people mages apply debuffs. When u can spec into smill damage and tank to do what u can against this current meta.iv seen few platimuses bien supportive out of the many games iv played. It might be because of how people proceed with the champions. But id like the people to have more options with how they can use champions. I know not every champ can be the same but with everyone doing bowling and elbo pads isnt that the same as champs bien alike. Im sure people dont use half the runes and badges that kizstudios laid out for people there is no variety. Im sure people would like to play 3 games against different people and same champs but each one be different. Mabey 1 game rook is damage mabey 1 rook is a support and maxs stun time for his teams. Same with the others mabey 1 game there is a minos who is tanky and 1 where he is a damage dealer. But there shouldnt ever be 1 way to build the champions to be viable reason each champ has different weapons with different stats and passives so u can build around the way u like what fits ur playstyle but at the moment if u dont have that tankyness from elbo pads u become a hinderance to your team beacuse u will die quicky from the other people who all are tank and skill damage. Iv been on both sides from me dying instantly to me killing poeple instantly foesnt seem very gratifying. I love the games where it could go either way how 1 team won because they had the more supporty champion or the beter stunner. Or an extra tank to hold the line. But at the moment its who has the higher damager and more tankyness.

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    Well theres also high health with girded.which would need a champ with high crit chance to take down quickly. its not all elbow pads and bowling, ive seen a.few players that will #### all over that build with various champs.
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    But.youre right, they need to make a few big.changes

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    Yeah I experimented with high crit chance with +8% crit damage. But if you run into someone with 2 elbow pads and a heavy suit critting is pointless. Let's say your max crit chance is at 33% if you splurge on all crit chance seems about right and it is a gamble but it doesn't pay off. Its like winning 5 dollars on a 20 dollar scratch off. I like the max percentage you can obtain from crit chance badges it seems fair. No point in spending 16k on +8% crit DMG when their resistance negates that much crit DMG. I don't know the solution to fixing it that's why I'm not a developer but I'm sure they will figure something out.

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    That's what I'm working on right now, also try and double my hex time to give me more time to debuff and crit before I blade frenzy. In theory it should work. (when the gamble pays off) but this rendures the 16k +8% crit damage badge completely useless. This is my point.

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