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Thread: Ive about had it with wasting my coins...

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    Ive about had it with wasting my coins...

    Since there is a tournament this sa****ay ive spent the last few days destroying my build. How was I supposed to know what works and what doesnt. I dont work for kiz studios.
    I dont get paid to play this game, none of us do. The miserable exprience I've had trying to create a new build to later find out its broken garbage is just exhausting. Im not sure if ill even play this sa****ay. Its going to take a lot of time to restore what I once had, and frankly right now I feel defeated, I dont have the motivation to drag broken champions through another few days of grinding. I was really looking foreward to this tournament and giving it my all, i still might if I can fix this disaster in time. But this isnt about me, this is about all the people who play your game, and how we all have to exprience this annoying grind. Your developers and/or coders made A LOT of mistakes and we are the ones who have to pay the price? Yeah yeah beta whatever, could at least let us keep the workouts and badges for only the specific champ we bought them for, then take that away at launch. Was there supposed to be a percent symbol for Rook's dark bolts? Where it says "-30 movement speed"? Is this why it doesnt work? Did the dev team forget to write a code that allows my rook to actually slow my enemies? By the way people, looks like sports drink doesnt work, or does it? I cant tell the difference because god knows what else on my rook isnt working. Im going to watch your twitch stream today in hopes that there will be some good news on your progress. Its a good thing I had a lot to say, my rough draft of this post was not too nice.

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    Added u aries. Have aby questions ill be on ps4

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    Wow aries.... I know how hard you worked on this. I think we can still be a little successful in the tournament, don't give up just yet.

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    I wish i could join the tourny but daughters bday is that day. I will have to await the next one

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    I hear you. Hopefully they make all badges operational before new champs. I can't properly beta test until I try all build options for one champ and that feat alone takes time

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    Sports drink works very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishpaste777 View Post
    Sports drink works very well.
    It sure does!

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    WELL FOR MY ROOK IT DOES NOT. did I fail to mention that one of the skills is doing 2/3*results listed? Movement speed doesnt increase either, sports drink does not effect rook, at least not with the build i had. And ive already heard players claiming that bowling still doesnt work a few select champs, But hey it works for you both so it must mean we are all wrong.
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    Wow, no reason to get angry, you know this is just a video game right? You have to take a lot of things into consideration in this game. First of all it does say -30% movement speed on rooks dark bolts for 5 seconds, not just -30. okay think about it, there are ways to counter debuffs in this game and lower the amount of time that debuffs affect you. There are also ways to increase champion stats so debuffs won't affect some champion builds as much as others. I think fishpaste said it best, I believe on multiple posts as well as talking with each other, "You can't build a single character to counter everything in this game" That is why you aren't soloing and you have a team.

    When I say something is working, I'm not just talking about myself because I have close friends that play this game with me and we discuss everything and have all of the classes covered between all of us before and after the most recent patch. We had to make adjustments to our builds, just like you did. We had to spend our precious coins and get more, just like you and everybody else did. I know for a fact that Bowling Balls work on rook because my buddy that plays rook most consistently had chin ups/bowling balls in his build, we tested his damage in practice. He then went max bowling balls and when we tested his skill damage went up. does it scale the same as all the other classes, who knows but in a perfect situation he hits like a truck. Every class that we have seen people complain about how they are useless after the new patch we don't understand because all of our champs are built right, and we build together to compliment each other and prepare for all the situations the opposing team can throw at us, and we have multiple champion combinations between 6 of us that we have been playing with.

    I understand you are frustrated, hell I was frustrated when I went up against somebody that used speed drain the first time on me. I was frustrated when I went against, what I thought at the time had to be an exploit, a Leatherhead that wouldn't take damage and could not kill in a match. Those are just examples and both are easy to counter or avoidable with the right team makeup and builds. There is no one OP build in this game, everything that we have come up against we have been able to adjust and counter to the point we are now at the point where the only adjusting we have to do is mid battle and we take the upper hand. Because of that the only time we have lost games is when we are playing with a partial team and are outnumbered by a fully organized team, and we still usually win with only 2 of us against 4.

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    Im not trying to make a counter all build, i know my role, ive tested my bolts and they do not debuff speed. In training the bots move at the same rate as well as the thousands of players ive killed, hell i didnt even notice that it was supposed to have such an effect until this week when i gave it my all to rebuild my rook for max performance. And i know there was a typo, if i can actually manage to log in ill show you, if its there then it just means there has been a hotfix of some sort. I never said bowling isnt working for me.

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