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Thread: Tribunal System For Unsportsmanlike Behavior

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    Tribunal System For Unsportsmanlike Behavior

    Title says it all there should be a tribunal system set up to remove toxic players from the community.

    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Fuz View Post

    Soooooooo, now because you cant make an educated decision on what badges to use, the game should bend over backwards to support your ignorant decision making skills? 15 minutes to get top tier badges? Stick with your candy crush bro. The game is sound, the toons yes could use minor tweaking sure, and the few bugs they are having with the workouts of course, but uhh...are you a programmer? Do you definitively have every answer?... I'll leave you to your thoughts.

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    I disagree with you and Teh_Fuz made attempts at nicely helping you. You are actually being the toxic one here and you are picking apart what people are posting and running with it as quotes of what they said and putting your own manipulation on it. We see through what you are doing and I hope this thread gets removed. Nexi is not broken and is working properly, if it isn't working for you you didn't build it right. it's that simple. That is the nicest I can tell you that and I am not happy with how you are misquoting me and others.

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