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Thread: badges pros and cons

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    badges pros and cons

    For developers and for newer people ima go through the badges to show goods and/or bads for each one.

    Strength badges
    Heartbomb. Very good for bigginers deals 100 damage when u die to near by enemys.

    First strike. Gives u an extra 100 damage when somone just spawns. Good but u have to be the one that hits them first or its usless.

    Fire finish. Great for teamfights if u kill somone a zone can deal up to 50 damage to any enemy who stands in it for 5 seconds

    Detection. See nexi ninjette or rook in stealth its ok situatina tho

    Respawn. Wrong name for what it does. 25 attackspeed when u kill somone its ok i guess.

    Energy shield. Idk who would ever use this.

    Gassy. Would be good but fights only last 5 secons so u only deal 20 damage for this.

    Ranger. Longer auto attacks. Good if u go that route

    Cleanser/refresher. Good if you are goin into buffs and debuffs.

    Explosive. Extra aoe auto attack damage

    Rattlesnake. Cant tell if its good or bad. I think its 10 damage but it says -10

    Crusher. Think best badge right now since most people get alot or resistance.

    Machinegun. Good if u can get 10 autos off without dying.

    Witchcraft. Dem debuffs.

    Electrifying. Great if u have aoes and can deal 200 damage.

    Accelerator. If u can get 5 auto attacks gain movment speed. Not really worth

    Critical power. Definantly great goin into an auto attack crit build.

    Graveyard/hardlearner good if u die alot.

    First defence. long as u are at full health 10% extra damage resist.soon as u r hit its usless.

    Fortitude. Great for begginers. Take damage gain resist. Dont know if it stacks but good.

    Shield up. Get debuffed gain resist its ok.

    Efficient. Kill and get energy decent but i think the return could go up a lil

    Flak jacket. If u vs ranged champs go for it.

    Vitality/boost. The return is just to low to worry about. Bad badge even on a max attackspeed nexi.

    Stonewall. More spells you use the beter if u cant spam dont worry about this one.

    Consuction. If you vs people that do elemental damage u can get good energy back.

    Bruiser. If u like buffing get this one.

    Heavy suit. If u get autod u get resistance. Its good.

    Debuff protection. If u hate getting debuffed grab this.

    Speed drain. Oddolis and khan are the main ones that can even use movepeed buffs. Eh.

    Girded. The most used badge in game.

    Triage. Get autod alot you gain health regen but u dont regen health in combat so i dont k ow how this works.

    Jackpot. Barley anyone uses crit runes. So small chances to get health from this.

    Star burts/rainbow spree. Good runes.

    Bubbly. have a chance not to take damage great

    Fireworks. Good team badge.

    Snowflake. Fun rune stun urself or others with autos.

    Glitter runner. Love this but hate this. More then not u get a negative. 1 pos to 2 cons on this.

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    Thanks for this. Considering I'm still new. Suggestions on workouts? Or does it depend on the toon?

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    Depends on the toon the beast for sure. Who are you running with?

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    I think, if I remember right you run with Minos? Talk to demonicaries he has a good Minos.

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    Surprised you know who I run with haha, but yes Minos usually

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    Im glad this post helps out. I was lost when i started too. May yr games be good

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    Keeping it up for new players on forums

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    I can't decide which strength and endurance badges to run with platimus. New to using him. I like to run support but also like to solo sometimes. Any advice?

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    Stregnth u can run crusher. Speed drain. Or anything like that to help debuff. Endurance i would to for a lil tankyness so u can survive a lil more for ur team

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    Thanks! I was debating on getting girded or using conduction for getting energy consistently. Too bad I can't easily switch once bought.

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