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Thread: Updated List Of All Known Bugs

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    Updated List Of All Known Bugs

    Hey there Emomiime here! Since there are so many people posting the same bugs over and over again, looking for bugs in this forums has become a complete mess and is probably slowing down devs from finding the bugs that are still plaguing this game. In this forum please post known bugs that still occur as of patch 1.08 as well as how to trigger these bugs.

    Example formatting (this is a real bug btw)

    Bug Type: Visual (other examples, Mechanical which refers to game mechanics, Hardware which refers to game crashes or other bugs of that nature, or Other)

    Explanation of Bug: After a puggle gets placed on an ally champion, the puggle visual does not go away after the buff duration goes off. This leads to the puggle visual stacking endlessly!

    Trigger: Break an egg use rainbow blast on ally to transfer puggle to ally.

    Picture of Bug (if you can): I'll get once real soon =)

    Thanks guys and have a good one! Happy Bug Hunting!

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    Bug Type: Mechanical

    Explanantion of Bug: Ninjette is unable to use abilities after she is killed by a champion. Ninjette can not use any abilities as well her Slicer (Auto attack) If she suicides by jumping off a gap or getting killed by a cannon ball on Plunder Isle, this does not effect her.

    Trigger: EDIT: What I thought was the original trigger is not. I will attempt further tests to figure out how this happens.
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    Bug Type: Mechanical

    Explanation of Bug: Nexis Rend debuff effects are cleansed prematurely when batswarm is used after rending the target.

    Trigger: use rend then use swarm right after.

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