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    Tournament Feedback Forum

    Hey there Emomiime here! Here is the forum to discuss how the tournament went and what you can would like to see change for the possibility for future tournaments. If there was something you saw that you think that needs to be changed or some rule you didn't like, now is the time to speak up! Thanks guys and have a good day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainwoods69 View Post
    Make an annialation one
    Yeah, I mainly play annihilation and would gladly compete in an official tournament.

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    I think as a way to make everything go faster and smoother, you do kind of like..

    Round 1 : 1 game
    Round 2 : 1 game
    Semi finals : best of 3
    Finals : best of 5

    I also think bans are okay to have, but to add more strategy (and involve the subs) make it so you can't ban the same person twice in a row~ this will allow people to play champs that just get banned none stop and also encourage a variety within the team.

    As for the "draft pick", where you pick two then the other team picks two, I think that should be removed honestly. I mean, every team I saw playing didn't pick a specific champion to counter another, they kind of just played who they liked/the same people over an over. Plus it just ate up time and ended up being kind of pointless IMO. (My first match didnt have this and it was a lot smoother and A LOT more plesent)

    I think having all the games in a round running at the same time would help speed things up as well, example :
    Game 1 queues up and once their game starts, game 2 queues, etc.

    I understand that people wanted their games to be "moderated", but we're streaming for a reason. Other people are watching and if someone complaIns about something happening, the tourney host can just look up the video with the match. Same goes for the banning phase, do it over text chat for screenshot purposes, or just be a friendly community and trust each other not to play someone that's banned.

    It'd also be nice if who ever is hosting, would announce when teams have started/ended. It would help with knowing what's going on, because yesterday it was kind just sitting around with no real updates going on. (I understand it was being run by 1 person, but I'm saying for future stuff)

    Lastly, it seems like specific badges/champions are a bit op (which is ubderstandable seeing as it's beta) and I think it would be nice to have some of the "broken" things out of the tournament in general. Yes I understand we could just ban an op champ, but teams could use that to their advantage easily. With op badges/champs being banned, the tournaments will become more skill based~

    If I think of anything else, I'll remember to add another post~ hopefully this post will be taken into consideration, or at least read xD

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    Tourmants for other games berodes plunder ball would be nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtmind20 View Post
    Tourmants for other games berodes plunder ball would be nice
    I'd like conquest haha

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    I feel like only the moderator and captains should be in the chat when deciding picks and bans.

    There was some cross chat during one party that we definitely took advantage of.

    With less people there it will somewhat limit the chances of people letting things slip.

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    I like the idea of best 2 of 3 swiss rouds instead of round 1 best 2 of 3 aginst one team. So basicly if your team losses aginst 2 diffrent teams in a row your pushed out of tournament. Also like the idea to get benched players involved, so i think every person that signs up with a team should have an exclusive champion so if one champ gets band the player has to be subed with bench player. I think next tournament should be annihilation whole team with same champ vs whole team same champ and team1 should pick for team2 and team2 should pick for team1. How much fun dose that sound!

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    Megared. I understand what u feel about swiss round but it wouldnt work. Tourney style is 2 outs 3 against the same team. If "rook" was a reason ur team lost game 1 you could counter rook or ban rook game 2. Reason for same team so u dont jump in game 2 blind against somone else. And aslo i dont think any one wants to vs same champ team against another dame champ team. Khan kilowat and a couple other champs get more over powered the more there are. Buffs do stack

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    Y'all need to fix the respawning because people constantly farm spawn kills. Either insta-kill spawn killers or give an immunity bubble or just don't spawn people anywhere near enemies. That's such a ****ty thing about this game and eliminates any fun you can gain from playing TGT.

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