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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady View Post
    Y'all need to fix the respawning because people constantly farm spawn kills. Either insta-kill spawn killers or give an immunity bubble or just don't spawn people anywhere near enemies. That's such a ****ty thing about this game and eliminates any fun you can gain from playing TGT.
    Although I agree that maybe having more of a variety of spawn points for annihilation (they need base spawns for plunderball an maybe conquest), this topic is for ideas about the tournament that just happened/for future ones~

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    Hi rainwoods69, yeah but haveing swiss rounds to see who will play in tournament is a good idea if there are uneven teams and you can still have best 2 of 3 aginst a single team it would just mean you would have to lose aginst 2 diffrent teams in a row to be pushed out. This could be a pre tournament match to see who will play in tournament if there is uneven number of teams. Plus the reason my team lost i think is because we were unprepaired and my team bairly practiced togeather as a team. I know i practice a little every day but that is ineffective in a team based game, but that is all in the past now. It is time to move forward and learn from the mistakes of the past for a better future. That is why i am here posting and i feel that ther are no ideas that will not work or are not good. It is how those ideas are used to find a way that they can work or building onto an idea to make it better.
    Yes i agree with you about those champs like khan and killawatt. That is why team1 will pick the champ team2 will use and team2 for team1. Example an all brutis team vs all brutis team.

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    That would never work tho. No one has every champion built and with each team picking the others champs, some will have no badges while others have max badges. Ontop of that, people would just make the other team play Brutus since he's squishy an such.

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