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Thread: Leatherhead Mobile Fortress Bug

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    Leatherhead Mobile Fortress Bug

    Mobile Fortress reads

    You and your nearest ally within range gain Debuff Immunity, 1 (i'm going to assume % since Resistances are %'s) Damage Resistance, and 50 Damage Reflect for 5 seconds.

    Just basing off of other games to me it would seem like the 50 is actually 50% and should reflect 50% of the damage done back to the attacker and the other 50% would go to the Leatherhead or Teammate that has the 50% Reflect Buff.

    What is actually happening is when somebody attacks the person with the Reflect buff it is healing the buffed champ for 50% of the damage done and doing no damage to anybody.

    The only ability/skill that has been able to get through the Reflect buff is Platimus's Rainbow Blast but that is another bug that I will post.

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    Khan's Ally Shield reads: You and your ally hit gain 50% Damage Resistance, 60% Energy Regeneration and 20% Damage Reflect for 5 seconds. 400 Energy Cost, 0 Casting Time, 12 sec Cooldown, 16 Range

    Looking more into what is wrong with Reflect and Mobile Fortress and noticed Khan's Ally Shield has 20% Damage Reflect. I went into practice and it definitely does the damage animation but I could not see the target robots' life go down. I figured it may have been so little damage I couldn't tell the difference in the life bar. So then went to test it on a player's champ with a friend and the animation still happened but no damage was received by the attacker. Khan did take decreased damage from the 50% damage Resistance and was not healed for 20% of the damage from Reflect like LH gets with Mobile Fortress.

    Both of the abilities are very similar. swap the energy regen with debuff immunity. Why is one healing off the damage and the other having only a visual representation of the attacker being hit but no damage being done at all? I believe it's just boiled down to both characters have completely different coding on the reflect buffs and neither of them are doing what they are supposed to do.

    Now more on Mobile Fortress, it says "1 Damage Resistance". I'm going to go with a typo on this one but there are three different outcomes for what it may mean.

    1%: This one doesn't make a lot of sense because where else does Damage Resistance get so little of an increase, Should probably rule this one out.

    10%: This one makes a lot more sense. You get the small increase of Damage Resistance to add on to LH's already high base/potential Damage Resistance. The Strength of this buff relies on the Debuff Immunity to assist in staying in a fight longer to add 50% of the damage done to you back to your opponents.

    100%: Here is where it get's broken, LH can have a potential of 92% Physical Resistance, and 87% Elemental Resistance with workouts and weapon before any in game modifiers. If there was an additional 100% damage resistance this is way over kill when 10% should cap him at 100% with 2 extra with no effect. With 10% you could still take some damage from elemental attacks but not much.

    To add a bit to how unbalanced Mobile Fortress is. Look at Khan's Ally Shield Cooldown timer, for a 5 second 50% Damage Resistance buff, It's 12 seconds. With workouts you can increase the buff duration by 3.75 seconds making it 8.75 seconds. That means you would have to get 4 basic attack hits with Refresher to maintain this buff long enough to be able to cast it again. Now with Mobile Fortress it has an 8 second cooldown with a 5 second buff that would max out defense. So in this case you don't even need reflect to have the ability off of cooldown and you will be able to cast it right away. Add Reflect into the mix and since the animation for Mobile Fortress doesn't last the entire time that it's extended it's near impossible to judge when the fraction of a second opening to get a hit in and keep him stunned during that time while he is spamming Mobile Fortress. It shouldn't take an entire team looking for a fraction of a second opening to be able to counter an individual champion while still having to deal with the other 3 champions.
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