Alright so after seeing how hard Platimus hits, people were just assuming with the Bowling Ball Fix that it scaled Platimus so high in damage. This is not what is happening.

What made me notice it was watching back on video's against Platimus since the Bowling Ball Fix I noticed I was getting hit on a 67% Elemental Defense champ for 1052 elemental damage. The numbers just didn't make sense because that means that the Rainbow Blast had to hit me for over 6k damage for me to take that much damage. Why would one character be able to hit that hard, heal it's teammates for 880 with it, can buff and debuff with the pets, and also have a ground heal that does 170 health p/s? Just made no sense.

So while testing to see all the abilities that could get through LH's Mobile Fortress since for some reason Rainbow Blast could get through it and hit for 880+, Rainbow blast got through every single time for 880 damage non crit. with no mobile fortress 880 damage non crit. Physical Damage from Platimus while Basic attacking was properly lowered based on the physical defense the other champ had. So Platimus as a whole is not broken, It is just Rainbow Blast. A Base Platimus with no workouts does 440 damage non crit and ignores all defense increases from loadout and buffs, and the text reads for the skill that it does 440 elemental damage.

I will also note that there is no text at all that says Rainbow Blast ignores defenses.