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Thread: Authenticating Error

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    I to am having this issue it was fine when I went to work at 2pm est. I got out of work at 11:00est and I can't login j have spent a lot of money on this game it's just frustrating that 9 hours later I still can't log in because of an authentication error. Shut the game down and reboot the authentication server! So that the rest of your loyal and paying customers may be able to play the game they have paid for and love! I know that you all have lives outside of this game but this is your livelihood your child your nuturing and watching grow! We as a community are going to get frustrated when you don't respond at least tell us you don't know what the issue is and that your at least looking for a solution instead of letting us remain in the dark thinking your not doing anything.

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    Having the same issue, started happening when I tried playing at 3pm EST yesterday(Friday). The game works on my other accounts, but not my main account. I have tried exiting and spamming the login,I even redownloaded. Nothing has worked.

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    Well finally after almost a day my account finally is now working

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